Rebozo Mexican Bathroom Ceramic Oval Talavera Sink

Rebozo Mexican Bathroom Ceramic Oval Talavera Sink

Bring a truly personal touch to you home with this Rebozo Mexican Bathroom Ceramic Oval Talavera Sink.


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Rebozo Mexican Bathroom Ceramic Oval Talavera Sink

Bring timeless appeal to that room in your home with this beautiful Rebozo piece that can be that perfect complement you´ve been looking to make part of your space.

A play on words between modern and traditional is what describe the designs in this beautiful piece.

It´s easy to see why Mexican pieces are very popular in the modern day home the vibrant colors make it ideal for bringing joy to the room.

Furthermore, Mexican ceramic color palettes are colorful and can accentuate any room to make it a special place.

Ceramics in Mexico date back thousands of years and it´s one of Mexico’s most important traditions making it a popular around the world.

Most importantly details are an essential part of a room’s design and Mexican ceramic meets every requirement for your home. Furthermore, we use the best quality material to make durable pieces that with normal use can last a lifetime.

Find the perfect piece that will add just the right touch to your bathroom with these Mexican Sinks.


3 overflow holes

1 1/2″ drain hole for standard plumbing

For drop-in or under mount use.


How its Made

Mexican Ceramic Sinks are handmade and handpainted because this process these can present variations in color, size, and design.

Each Mexican Sink is hand-painted by master artisans who are talented and devoted to their craft.

So every sink is a unique one.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make it part of your life. We promise 100% satisfaction guarantee

Please note: Color may differ slightly from photos due to different monitor settings.

The satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority so delivering top quality pieces is very important for us because we are sure that it´s what the customer wants. More importantly, if you are looking for any piece, in particular, please don’t hesitate to ask us and we will gladly answer.

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Size Sink

16" x 11.5", 17" x 14", 21" x 17"