Brown Oval Mexican Copper Bathroom Sink

Brown Oval Mexican Copper Bathroom Sink


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Brown Oval Mexican Copper Bathroom Sink

This Brown Oval Mexican Copper Bathroom Sink is an incredible piece.

Furthermore, it can give your bathroom just that right touch you’ve been searching for.

Brown Oval Mexican Copper Bathroom Sink is hand hammered by the best artisans to give your kitchen that special touch you are looking for while having the grace to give life to the room. Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase this sink. In addition its a beautiful piece to decorate the kitchen.

Most of all Copper is extremely resilient, requires minimum care and lasts for generations so it is definitely a wise purchase. Also, this material does not suffer from underside corrosion that can cause premature failures.

Also important copper is a natural antimicrobial.

Because of that its defense against germs is 30 times more than stainless steel. Because of this sinks made of this material are one of the top new trends in interior design.

Worldwide tests have proved that uncoated copper and copper alloys have strong intrinsic antimicrobial properties with efficacies against a wide range of disease-resistant bacteria, molds, and viruses

How they are made

Brown Oval Mexican Copper Bathroom Sink is handmade in Mexico by excellent artisans in their work. Each copper sink is unique in its own coloring and character. Please consider that since each kitchen sink is handmade, there will be slight variations in color, texture and even on size.

The sink from the picture is representative of the one that you will receive.

Each kitchen sink is individual and unique.

The piece is heated and introduced into water to obtain the natural color. due to this process, there are variations in color and patterns make each sink a completely individual work of art.

Do to the hand process that takes place in creating this sink it makes it a 100% Mexican product.

The satisfaction of our clients is our number one goal.

So we hope you enjoy this beautiful piece.

Made in Mexico


Size: 16 x 13 inches Outside dimensions

Shape: Oval

No Overflow Holes

Drain: 1 1/2 standard Plumbing

Dimensions 16 x 13 in


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