Free samples

If you want to receive free samples of our products, please read the following information about how to receive our free samples.

If you are not sure about how do the tiles look in your house, you need to appreciate them physically to look the highest quality on tiles please read the following information about how to request your free samples....

General conditions...


? How to request the free samples:

* On the purchase of one tile 4" x 4" or bigger choose 3 different tiles that you want to receive as samples.

* The measurements of the tile samples are 4 1/4" x 4 1/4"
(In different measurements you need to pay their regular price)

* Email us: and tell us which tiles do you want to receive.

* You need to pay a shipping cost of US$9.99, plus the cost for the one sample that has the higher price, We'll send a paypal invoice. (Don't apply on customized samples)

! Important:

* If you want to receive samples please contact us, don't use the buttons that appear in the page because you'll pay more than US$9.99.

* Maximum quantity of free samples: 3


+ For customized samples:

* If you want a customized sample (different colors or design ) you'll pay the regular price of the tile plus US$10.00 to pay the material used in the tiles, because we need to make color and design test on our tiles to equalize the colors and the design.

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