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In this catalog you can find beautiful Mexican Talavera tile borders, you can use to frame beautifully any place that you wish. Sometimes interesting walls are a furnishing challenge, here you can find a lot of Mexican talavera tile borders to turn a space into a elegant and beautiful space. You can use this Talavera tile in your countertops or in the backsplash of your kitchen.
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*These tiles are not frost proof , but if you would any of these patterns on frost proof style we can produce, but they will be upon request.

Mexican Talavera Tile Borders

Mexican Talavera Border Tile: Greca azul
greca azul española

Mexican Talavera Border Tile: oc-111

Mexican Talavera  Tile Border: oc-114

Mexican Talavera Tile Border: oc-120

Mexican Talavera Tile Border: oc-127

Mexican Talavera Border Tile: oc-128

Mexican Talavera Border Tile: oc-147 n-11
oc-147 n11

Mexican Talavera Border Tile: oc-178

Mexican Talavera Tile Border: om-119

Mexican Talavera tile border: oc-146

Mexican Talavera border tile: talaveria-a5

Talavera tile border: oc 138
oc 138

Talavera tile border: oc 113
oc 113

Talavera tile border: oc 144
oc 144

Talavera tile border:oc 104 special
oc 104 special

Talavera tile border: oc 115
oc 115

Talavera tile border: oc 182
oc 182

Talavera tile border: om 112
om 112

Talavera tile border: om 109
om 109

Talavera tile animal design: oc 120 fish
oc 120 fish

Mexican Talavera tile border: os 110
os 110

Mexican Talavera tile border: os 137

os 137

Mexican Talavera tile border: oc 104

oc 104

Talavera tile border: om 109cobalto
om 109cobalto

n 8

104 special

oc 136

oc 200 a

Mexican Talavera tiles: nacar guide
nacar guide

Mexican Talavera tile border: oc 165
oc 165

Mexican Talavera tile border: oc 145
oc 145

Mexican Talavera tile: oc 508
oc 508

Mexican Talavera tile: no 1 azul/amarillo
No1 azul amarillo

Mexican Talavera tile: oc 212
oc 212

Mexican Talavera tile: oc 502
oc 502

Mexican Talavera tile border: oc 117 bis
oc 117 bis

Mexican Talavera tiles: cadena


Mexican Talavera tiles: oc222


Mexican Talavera tiles: oc 142

oc 142

Mexican Talavera tiles: oc 140

oc 140

Mexican Talavera tile border: guia azul claro
guia azul claro

Mexican Talavera tiles: caracol

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In this catalog you can find a lot of tile borders to frame your space in a different way, you can choose traditional designs or you can use tile borders with a modern design. With the tile borders you can make murals as huge as you wish. Here you can appreciate the elegance and the traditional designs of the Talavera tile borders. All of our items are handmade and handpainted with high quality materials and work of our artisans. Click on each tile to see more about each item, you can see some ideas to combine the Mexican tiles and of course, to buy on line.

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