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In this catalog you can find a lot of designs to personalize your plate, you can choose the style of the letters, the text and the frame of the plate. In you can find beautiful Mexican decorative tiles to your home decor. In this case you need to contact us to define the characteristics of your plate like designs, background color, font style, font size, font color, the size and the shape of the plate, etc.
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Personalized Plates

Mexican ceramic plaque ORC 03
Decorative tiles Ceramic plaque ORC 03

Decorative tiles: Mexican ceramic personalized plate: ORC 05
Decorative tiles
Personalized plate ORC 05

Mexican ceramic plaque ORC 07
Decorative tiles
Ceramic plaque ORC 07

Mexican ceramic plaque ORC 09 Decorative tiles
Ceramic plaque ORC 09

Mexican ceramic plaque ORC 11
Decorative tiles
Ceramic plaque ORC 11

Mexican ceramic plaque ORC 13
Decorative tiles
Ceramic plaque ORC 13

Mexican ceramic plaque ORC 14
Decorative tiles
Ceramic plaque ORC 14
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